sofonisba anguissola
l'epouse de paterno

“Sofonisba would have loved this ring

because it bears the baroque of Sicily

and the strength of rubies”

When you wear

l’Épouse de Paterno,


you don’t wear a simple ring…

You wear a part of history.


You wear heritage.

You wear a cultural symbol.

It is more than a ring…

But when did the ruby become a wedding ring?


You told me it was a sign of wisdom.


What a complication these jewels!


Book reference: “La dama con il ventaglio” (the lady with the fan)

by my lovely friend Giovanna Pierini

The magic of a jewel lies in its subtlety and intricate story.


The soul of the ruby has so much to tell.


It is made to connect beautiful minds together.


Can you understand its poetry?

Ring L’Épouse de Paternò

This ring is as radiant and colourful as the city of Paternò.

And the beautiful woman wearing it.

You were looking for this ring for so long.

Don’t miss your opportunity to own it.

It took 27  hours to create this ring.

This jewellery design is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.


or 5 interest-free payments of 250,00 with

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Material 9Ct. Rose Gold, Rubies Cabohon

Finishing  Satin
Production handmade in France
Delivery time 2–3 weeks shipping & returns

Engraving and customization on request. Email us at abteam@arcangelobungaro.com

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