About Arcangelo


Arcangelo Bungaro is an Italian creative artisan jewellery designer with more than 25 years of experience. He has collaborated with prestigious jewellery and fashion brands for many years.
His creative path led him to create the Arcangelo Bungaro brand in 1995. He draws his inspiration from history, nature and movement to create singular statement jewellery designs. His work exudes sensibility, gratefulness and gracefulness.


“Because life is about balance and evolution.

To live aligned with our values

we need to come back to our roots, discover

the essence of life and grasp its meaning.

Each Arcangelo’s piece embarks you

on this wonderful journey“.

Arcangelo Bungaro


Arcangelo’s work is a dialogue between nature and history that connects men and women with their inner self and values to exude their beauty with singular jewellery pieces that reflect the personality of its wearer and pays tribute to its singularity.


All of Arcangelo’s jewels are produced
and made between France and Italy.
Sustainability plays a major role in Arcangelo’s creation process.
He regularly reutilizes ancient metals, fossils,
ancient ivory pieces and coral.
His philosophy is to give a new life and value to noble materials imbued with history. All Arcangelo Bungaro jewellery designs are handcrafted and come with an authenticity certificate.

For more information about our jewellery, email us at abteam@arcangelobungaro.com.